123. Christmas in the Cat House

Hi everyone!

So yes, I'm a few minutes late, but anyway,

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a very merry day! ♥

Yes, in Finland, Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, which is easier for me to do on Symphonicats, too!

It's finally Christmas! I've been waiting to be together with my grandma (since grandpa is in the hospital) around the Christmas table, with all the gifts we get and laughs we share! This day has been a purely amazing one, although a very exhausting one in terms of recovery. In this post I want to share with you the Christmas preparations we've been carrying out through the week, to this very day. I'm going to share with you everything from the point of view of both the humans - and the cats! Hope you enjoy! ☺

Without any further ado, let's have a peek at the life in and around me from the past week!

So I've been in a huge World of Warcraft mood ever since the latest post and a bit beyond, and today I got The Burning Crusade (my faaaavourite!) in working order after struggling weeks with inability to log in. It was just amazing as I had remembered it! I played with my main character, a blood elf paladin who shares my name and hair colour. She's been mostly questin and I got so frustrated when the Forsaken undead wanted me to go to the same places a full load of times! I needed to take her to Undercity afterwards, just so she could cool down from the adventures, even though the smell of the dead got to her nose a number of times... Also, she got her own paladin horse the other day, so life isn't that bad after all, right, me-toon? ☺



We got a new coffeemaker that makes coffee from capsules like the previous red one, because the said red coffee machine broke and became dangerous. Now we have Nespresso which not only makes delicious coffee, but milk foam with it as well! Capsule coffee has never tasted so good!

I've been practically bound to the bed the whole week (except for when my cousin Aurora visited me on Sunday, and another friend came over on Wednesday - thank you both loads!!) so there has been a certain Queen of the house that has taken the opportunity to "bond" (?) with me! Who else is it than the beautiful Elsa? She likes to comfort me while I'm in pain by entering the room and sleeping on my bed! Here in these pictures I captured her sleepy face and bed head from her beauty sleep!

Highlights of being a convalescent is that I have a reason to drink as much hot chocolate as I like! Even if I only take one cup every now and then, it's just as delicious every time I taste it! My hot chocolate routine includes putting cocoa powder with milk and putting it in the microwave for a minute or two. The result? Something just out of this world!

And what goes best with a wonderful warm drink? Cuddly, warm socks! ☺

While reading the book Illidan by William King, I always get the urge to either play The Burning Crusade - or even more, WarCraft III. All I remembered from that strategy game was the excitement, the agitation, the stress when I couldn't get past that one damned mission, relief when I did by using cheats, stress again when another challenge crossed my ways... and what an amazing experience it was to actually sit there and play that super old game. But for me, it never got old. It only got (and keeps getting) gold! So while I can't really bend down or squat or use the stairs, I have to wait until someone finds it. In the meantime, I thought about playing the MMORPG World of Warcraft or The Sims 3. Speaking of The Sims, here's what I got a few weeks back for an absolutely ridiculously low price:

Throughout the week the light has been pleasing the camera, meaning good-quality pictures filled with luminosity have been my neat friend! Here is Queen Elsa on her beauty sleep!

Waey wakey! ☺

Waey wakey! ☺

Without further doubts I took my camera a few times outside the Cat Studio/study room (where I sleep) to snap a couple of pictures of little Emi!

The Queen found the perfect hiding/sleeping spot in the house, a place she can be all for herself for some me-time!

Soft place for a soft little girl! ☺

Soft place for a soft little girl! ☺

One day I thought about why the cats, especially Emi and Bimbo, wrestle all the time. I came to the conclusion, with the help of master Jackson Galaxy's public advice from My Cat From Hell, that they need to play. It sounds funny, but it's true: we've been so busy not many of our 6-member family has had the time to grab a toy and activate their play-hunting nature. Of course when I realised this, and right away when I didn't have low fatigue, I grabbed the stick toy that Bimbo loves and went to play with that sleepy head - he was the nearest available (and one of the dearest, haha)! Mr Tuxedo was asleep but woke up pretty quickly when I got - believe or not! - the strings of the camera near him! But he fully awoke when he saw what I hid behind my back, and boy did he go crazy! You'll see that special joy in these pictures ☺

Around the same time I witnessed little Emi meowing while bird watching - again! Her mew-mew-mew-mew is the cutest, and Elsa, curious as she is, wanted to know what was going on. The sport seemed addicting as she didn't leave after Emi just yet, in fact she was stuck there by the window for the longest time! So cute to see this playful side of her those rare moments. ☺

Today my grandma came over after a full day of Christmas preparations at home. I got great presents which I will share with you the next time I write! Now it's getting late and I got all the kitty stuff out there, so yes, now is the good time to end this blog post.

I hope your Christmas Day tomorrow is a beautiful one! Remember to take care of each other, and stay safe! I love you!

See you again!


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