130. Travelling again! + Small post-surgery update


This post is going to be of the short type, as I have a very busy evening ahead after a super hectic morning. I hope I won't need to write these small updates often, as I'd like to focus on the main content and head theme of this blog (as tumbled as they are...). But today I just needed to have you all aware that after this bizarre day, I'm going to travel with my family again, for two days.

To Tallinn, Estonia!

I haven't been to inland Estonia more than once, and that one time was during summer 2014. I fell in love with the Old Town (as it was the only place we explored), it was so supremely beautiful! The food was amazing, and the sunlit, golden streets and the friendly people made it to my dearest memories, along with a can of free Coca Cola where I put my Neitsitorn stickers, and some souvenirs I still want to add to my room! Now we're going back, to the same spa hotel as back then, and hopefully silly things of the funny type will happen, just as back then!

There is only one thing concerning my ability to travel. I went to the doctor today, to show her my infection that is supposed to have healed long ago. Turns out, it still festers and recently it was super painful, so painful that I couldn't take a shower to wash the area. The doctor told me the surgery probably didn't go that well, in fact, it had gone all wrong.

They took a bacteria sample and sent it to the laboratories, while I was just in shock. I got a couple antibiotics to help the wound and the scar tissue to heal, but it looks like I'll need another surgery, as antibiotics are no miracle-doers for me. They just give me a terrible stomach ache, which is a hard price to pay if they don't even work. We'll have to see if the wound closes and the festering stops, but if not, I'll be having one more turn at Jorv hospital.

Nevertheless, I don't give negativity a chance but instead focus on the good sides of today - and the days to come! I'll of course be bringing me my Olympus SLR to snap some pictures with, to tell you a story through pictures from the beautiful city! Oh, and the items I bought are also going to do their part in telling how the trip went! ☺

I'll get back to planning and packing, and getting ready for the gym my Mum and I are hitting in the evening. But first, coffee! ☺

Talk to you later! Take care lovelies! ♥

See you!

131. Sweet, sweet spring! (Long time no see!)

131. Sweet, sweet spring! (Long time no see!)

129. To make a winter day sunnier!

129. To make a winter day sunnier!